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Montsià mountain range

41 s

The Montsià mountain range is a mountain range, parallel to the Mediterranean coast, located south of the Ebrolands. A relatively high mountain range and very close to the coast line, the Montsià mountain range is a geographical and privileged landmark of the districts of Baix Ebre, Montsià, Baix Maestrat and Els Ports.

Its highest point is the Torreta del Montsià (764 m), in the center of the range. Another emblematic peak is the Foradada, located north of the Torreta, as it is a magnificent natural sighting on the Ebro delta.

It was formed 25 million years ago during the Alpine orogeny. The mountain range is notable for the uniqueness of its calcareous relief, for maintaining representative Mediterranean natural ecosystems, and for its biogeographical interest, constituting the southern boundary for some extra-Mediterranean species and an important enclave of southern elements.

This natural space near the coast, despite the high human frequentation that it has suffered and some fires, remains unaltered, which is why it has been included in the Plan of Natural Interest of Catalonia.